Its about choice

The cloud has made things easier for IT organisations. They can focus on improving their processes and bringing value to the business.

However you should chose a vendor that provides options. You should be able to have your solution on-premise, in the cloud or hybrid. Because having only one option is not an option.

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Self-Service & Knowledge-base

Unleash the power of self-service

Knowledge Management is key to improving the overall effectiveness of your organisation. If you have a self-service that combines knowledge base.

Community and customer portal all in one, you have the tools that gives your customers the powers to find and discover information without contacting a support agent.

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Automation is a critical aspect of your ITSM solution

Automation gives you the possibility to standardize business processes.

Workflow also gives agents the power to reply to common support requests with a standard response, which saves a lot of time.

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Give support on the move

Customer service and service requests doesnt stop When you leave your desk. With a mobile solution your support team can find incidents, problems and requests that are nearby. In the age of the customer you have to respond to requests no matter where you are.

Mobile computing devices allow agents to figure out what their next assignment is without having to physically check into the servicedesk

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You have to build in collaboration into your business processes

If you have a tool that has a discussion board it enables employees to interact with each other and IT on an informal basis, it provides employees a compelling reason to use the Self-Service Portal

You have to have an ITSM tool that promotes collaboration this makes it easier for people to connect with the individuals and ideas they need

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Get the rights metrics when you need them

With great analytics you enable support teams to make data-driven decisions based on metrics that are important to your business. It is important that you also get pre-defined reports.

With these you can quickly show the business value of IT.

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Multi-channel is the key

In the age of the customer you have to have a multi-channel support strategy. They should be able to connect with your brand and raise request in the channel they feel comfortable with.

If you support email, telephone, twitter and Facebook you maintain an integrated view of the customer across all channels.

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